Soul Alchemy

Alchemy /ˈal·kə·mē/ – 1. the process of turning a base metal into gold.

How does turning your soul into gold, sound? Is it possible to feel like every piece of your being is shining? … glowing … lighting everything around you?


Those that act on their ideals become legends. Those that simply talk become lunatics.

The journey of the golden soul works through three stages:

  1. Committing to wisdom.
  2. Defining and being comfortable with the person you want to be.
  3. Becoming the person you want to be.

If we can be the person we truly want to be, based on fundamental principles that resonate with us… then our soul shines… like gold… alchemical.

Nomad Yogi

Truth is that which will never change.
In the above quote means we realize that nothing within ourself is “truth”. Even our soul changes… with each new bit of wisdom. A commitment to seek wisdom is a commitment to changing one’s soul.

So often, we want to know what the right way is. We want someone to give us the answer. We want to know the truth. The real truth is that no one has our answer but us. ( I gotta Tweet that! )

Our experiences will guide us to the knowledge we need to move further down our path. Our interactions with others allow us to share what we have learned and digest what they have learned. While no two people’s stories are the same, we can always find a lesson in stories of others.

Cool… is the new cool

All through High School, we try to be cool. Then, somewhere along the way, we think “Nah, man. I don’t need to be cool.” We wind up in an awful relationship, driving a mini-van, wearing socks and sandals. This is NOT all right!

This is not our dream. It is an expectation of someone else. We need to reject that expectation thrown on us and define what we want to be, then accept that that new vision of us is OK – actually cool!

We should continue trying to be cool – our whole lives! ( I gotta tweet that!)

Defining what we think is cool is actually kind of tough. The first hurdle is knowing whether you already are what you think is cool… or whether you just think you are what you think is cool. Confusing? It won’t be. Check this out:

  • Your actions define who you are, not the things you think about doing or just want to do.
  • What others see you doing is closer to who you really are. We often cloud our own vision of ourselves with excuses of why we are doing things.
  • You now focus on the difference between who you want to be and who people see you as.

The second hurdle is discerning the difference between what others think and what others see. This is subtle, but important. It is of no matter whether someone likes what you do. You are not someone’s judgement of what you do, nor their assumption of why you did it. You are only what you do.

Being cool is really about being what you want to be – and owning itquirks and all.

Push your envelope

‘Which way I ought to go from here?’ – Alice
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
`I don’t much care where–‘ said Alice.
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
`–so long as I get somewhere,’ Alice added as an explanation.
`Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, `if you only walk long enough.’

Action is the final step. Become that cool person you want to be. What you think about yourself is not “truth”. Your thoughts can change and thus the identity you believe about yourself can – and will – change.

Bend your current identity (the things you think about yourself) to allow it to overlap into that identity you want to be (the vision of yourself you want to be). No one else can do it for you. No one else can make the decisions. Only you can act… and you can definitely do it.

This final part is easier said than done. It’s much like committing to resolutions or goals. Where it differs is that the end isn’t a new dress size. It isn’t a new car. It isn’t quitting smoking.

The result is a glimmering soul of complete happiness in your own skin.

On one hand, change takes time. On the other, if you are performing the actions of the person you want to be, then you are that person. I know. It’s a trick.

As long as we are working towards something, we have meaning.

Your Path

There are many paths to alchemy of the soul. In fact, everyone takes a different path, but the destination is always the same: Self Actualization – that place where you feel like you are the whole person you are supposed to be.

Has it been a while since you’ve felt that way?

Much like the paths of yoga, or lanes on a highway, the path you are taking now need not be forever. You can switch from lane to lane, or path to path when it seems right for you. The key is to find where you are now, and head down that path.

Self Study

LordofDeath2To reach self-actualization, there are those that will take the path of Svadhyaya – self study. If that’s you, I’d be honored for you to share your practice with me.

Those on this path will study scriptures, read the thoughts of others, and examine the decisions they make and feelings they experience. Life for the studier is a series of tests. It is my opinion that we all come to this place at one time or another. How long we choose to stay here depends on how long it continues to work for us.

The path of self-study is a misnomer, though. Self study does not necessarily mean it needs to be done alone.


Private-Yoga-Instruction-1Some of us like to have a guru, or mentor to bounce ideas off, or talk things through as we move through our path. You will likely have a lot of ideas of things to try. You will have postures you want to learn or perfect. You will have very specific questions you want the answers to.

Those who desire a mentor tend to know that no one will ever have their answers for them, but learn from the experiences and perspectives of those they respect. A good mentor will tell stories with poignant lessons that can apply to the student’s place in life. The mentor will know what postures will help, suggest them with indifference, and offer assistance practicing them. The mentor will also lead the student to their own answers.


Private-Yoga-Instruction-2Others of us are unclear of where they are meant to be going, or where they should begin. There are some of us looking for a guide. Someone that can instruct us on the way to blaze our own path anew. A student will be wanting to discover the fundamental building blocks to their own life and become their own guide.

Often those in search of a guide feel completely lost. They go from book to book, or spirituality to spirituality looking to find themselves. They don’t really feel like they fit anywhere. They often wake up wondering what the point of it all is and wander through the day hoping something will finally make sense.

For those looking for a guide, the first step is to simply pick a path and continue on it. The path, like the guide, is not meant to be forever.

Soul Alchemy at a glance.

Soul Alchemy is the destination of many paths to the same meaning. With true meaning, comes happiness. Happiness is a state of mind; it is not an emotional response to a stimuli. Those with meaning in their life find it easier to overcome daily struggles.

Alchemy /ˈal·kə·mē/ – 2. the process of creating a universal elixir of life.

Get started…

The process is simple enough. The creation is often difficult.

If you would like to work one-on-one with a coach – or a guide – or would just like a co-studier, I would be honored. I tie the fundamental three step philosophy discussed here in with physical yoga practice. A healthy, flexible body is a huge key to a healthy, flexible mind. The physical yoga practice is guided to your physical level and what you are looking for mentally or emotionally. You’ll get a co-studier, mentor, or guide that weaves the body, soul, and mind together. You have all three. Use them wisely.

My goal is to give you the tools you need to keep re-creating your life without the need for a Guru.

The difference between a self-delusional narcissist and someone one who is called to greatness lies in the percentage of talking to acting.

Digital Nomad Stu