On Being a Shaman

My name is Stu

PF-iiNot so long ago, I pretty much hated my life.  I only saw my daughter a few hours every week and a couple weekends.  My relationships were awful.  I hated my job.  Theses weren’t happy times.  Worse, yet, I couldn’t say I was proud of who I was.

But, that was then… and things have changed.  I see my daughter every day.  I left the convenient, but miserable relationship and meet incredible people.  I quit the career I didn’t believe in.  With a year of savings and a new lease on life, I set out to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I knew one thing.  Whatever it was, I’d better be proud of it.

No more wall of text

The struggles I faced earlier in my life lead me to have a compassion and consideration for everybody’s struggle.  It’s tough when someone’s being a jerk… but they, too, are struggling… and deserve compassion.  Unless, of course, they’re just a stinkin’ jerk.  Then… well… still compassion.  I didn’t say this road was easy.

As I traveled this road, though, I began trying my hand at a whole plethora of things:  web design, jewelry crafting, valet, e-book conversion, single’s coach, waiter.  Yeah… all that stuff.  No matter what I was working on, I always got the same feedback:

“You make me feel good about being me.”

And, really, if you have that, what else do you possibly need?  Thus, I decided to become a Healer. The passage below from The Heart of Listening explains a bit about how we lost our way… and why we need healing:

“…settling down has not been easy on us. For many, the urge – the instinct – to travel is a tidal force they are powerless to fight, much less explain. It is the migratory song etched deeply in our nomadic genes, and must be obeyed. The urge is most intense in the late teens and early twenties. In Europe until the Middle Ages, this energy was harnessed in the vision quest, a year-long pursuit of self and soul mate, a time-honored search to find one’s personal path in life and gain a deeper knowledge of one’s own nature. A few overt remnant of this remain today in the call to leave home and seek higher learning in college or university, or go to Europe with a backpack and a group of friends. The visionary aspect of healing work – helping people find their song in life, their “spirit name,” giving them “spiritual homework” – help fill a void that college usually does not touch. If we can help meet these needs as healers, we have delivered a great service.”

So… it was decided:


a Healer was my true nature

Throughout history, we have dedicated a portion of our life… our growth… to finding ourselves, understanding our nature, and even finding a mate. Yet, today, these things are supposed to just happen while we’re off pushing papers, having babies, and getting married. Only after the social check-boxes are filled, do we stop and say “Who am I”? “What am I doing with this life?”

Through this new social time-line, we begin our inward journey… as adults. Adults with multitudes of responsibilities… and often times children looking to them to help with answers they never figured out. In this reversal of lineage, it becomes important to have someone encouraging us along, requiring us to practice… acting as a coach… as a Healer.

No more wall of text

Years ago, I began my own soul searching directly in line with the socially approved lineage. I listened to self-help books, read Lifestyle Design websites, and executed course after course. I reached out to people who have done what I wanted to do. I put together my own shortcut to get to the root of all of it. After all is said and done, nothing was more helpful than talking my life through with people who really understood me.

“We were not meant to do things alone.”

Historically, again, going further back, we were all tribal folk, no matter what our ancestry. When we were ill, there was one member of the tribe we would go to. They would “treat ailments / illness by mending the soul”. You can have your cough treated by a doctor, but what of the things that just don’t feel right? What of the quintessential “something is missing”? Our bodies produce the sensation of pain to tell us something is wrong, often times in the form of stress or tears. Rather than going to a Healer, we run to cover the pain. There comes a time when that stress… those tears need to be healed. The healing work we need, directly relating to the missing quest, is that of the soul.

Shaman takes on a new meaning

A Shaman is “called” by what is known as the “shamanistic initiatory crisis”… a physical or psychological crisis that would bestow upon them the wisdom needed to touch the spirit world.  Now, I’m not saying I can channel you’re ancestors, but my own personal unraveling led me to seek answers that I found in the teachings of older worlds, the ways of the shaman, and the wisdom of the unknowing sages among us. 

I have learned something none of the courses or books will be able to truly address. Your situation is unique. Your life… your calling… is about what you want.  There is no template… and even if there was, no two people would use it the same.  That’s the key to the Shaman; asking the right questions and letting you come to your own conclusions, with wisdom… not with blind direction.

No more wall of text

One of the great mysteries of this world is what we’re meant to do.  Find meaning. Find happiness. The easiest way to touch that is to do the things that make you feel good about being you

The wisdom I’ve gained on this path has come from studying the self, from practice, and from teachers.  I’d love the opportunity to share that wisdom and help you find your “things”. These days, I’ve found the best way to deliver my wisdom is through the eyes… and mat… of Yoga. If you’re local, come practice with me. If you’re not, let me know where you are and I’ll try to setup a guest class near you.

Digital Nomad Stu

The greatest commitment you can honor is the one to yourself.