The Warrior's Heart

Valentine’s Day always gives me the unique opportunity to use a drop-cap V. It also reminds me of the Warrior series. I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t the Warrior series a story about Shiva and revenge?” Well, yes, on one hand it is.

On the other hand, from Viribhadra’s (the great warrior’s) point of view, it is a story of duty – and of heart. The great Warrior was called to action. The Warrior was given purpose. And we see from the postures, Viriabhadra’s power comes from the heart.

Finding Flow


Correct Warrior series alignment includes a sweet mustache.

Warrior I:
In Warrior I, our arms are raised high, our gaze soft, our chin level, and our legs stable. Notice the heart. With the shoulders pulled back and down, the heart is lifted and pressing forward. All good warriors lead with their heart.

Warrior II:
As we open our arms and twist open our hips, we find another area opening in Warrior II. That’s right! Notice how the finger tips reach out and away from the center – the heart. With each breath, we pull the heart open more and more.

Radiant Warrior:
Allowing the back arm to drop and raising the gaze and front arm high to the sky, we find Radiant (or Reverse) Warrior. Radiant becomes the full expression of the series; our legs are firm and long while our arm reaches to the sky. The up-stretched arm becomes an arrow – a straight line – from the heart to the heavens.

Side Angle:
Windmilling the body forward and reaching the “back” arm up and overhead, Side Angle posture isn’t technically a Warrior posture. We see, though, that as we pull the upper shoulder down, we are rotating the heart, once again, toward the sky.

Warrior III:
Returning through the flow of postures in this series, we end in Warrior III – in balance. We press out through the heel, square the hips, and engage our core. We reach long through the neck (and throat), point our gaze at the mat, and stretch the crown of the head forward. All points in the energy body engage to support the heart in the middle of the body – hanging in balance.

Continuing Flow

We all have struggles. The Warrior series emulates our daily battles. If we can approach our difficulties with love and an open heart, imagine how strong we would be if we approach ourselves, loved ones, and strangers with that same heart.

With love,

Digital Nomad Stu

Photo by Premnath Thirumalaisamy


  1. Neida

    This would make a great yoga class! It can take the courage of a warrior to live with an open heart. To be strong, steady, and grounded while exposing your heart is no easy task. Even so, nothing motivates and empowers us to be brave like love does.

    • Yeah, it would make a nice class. Maybe I’ll use it on Valentine’s Day. 😀 I think we’re more willing to let fear stop us from something we want than we are to let our loved ones down.

      Bravery IS another Warrior quality.

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