Workshops are a great way to concentrate on a specific aspect of yoga… or life in general. Stu’s workshops are generally two hours, always containing discussion, practice, and a little fun. He designs flyers and promotes the workshops, not just here on the web, but actively throughout the community.

Stories of Yoga Workshop

The Stories of Yoga

The culture surrounding the creation of our physical yoga practice is steeped in history and folklore. Many of the postures we comfortably settle into through our routines have a beautiful story or metaphor behind them. This workshop weaves the stories of yoga into a 90 minute physical yoga practice developed for any level yoga student.

Teachers get an easier way to remember and recall the stories in a way that makes them applicable to your current teaching.
Find an enjoyable way to remember and connect with the postures you’re already familiar with.

The workshop was really well rounded, with discussion, history, philosophy and some awesome asana practice too. It was over too soon. I could have listened to the humorous take on the Stories of Yoga for hours. The workshop was a lot of fun and very enlightening.
-N. Ratzlaff

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The Raja Yoga Experience

Explore the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & the royal path to yoga.

The mysteries of “yoga” used to be well-guarded secrets. Highly revered were teachers and gurus who understood its inner-workings. It’s said that’s still true… but Patanjali came along and dispersed the wisdom of yoga into bite-size snippets – sutras – for us to digest. Among those sutras is an explanation of the Royal Path to yoga – to the union with divinity. Raja Yoga is that royal path: the 8-Limb path; the path of wisdom.

In the Raja Yoga Experience, we integrate all 8 limbs of “the path” into a tangible, actionable sequence toward our own divinity. You’ll learn to expand the familiar physical (asana) practice incrementally to explore the rest of the royal path toward yoga. This experience incorporates information from the sutra texts along the physical practice.

“A balance must be had between study and practice.” This is the first step toward that balance. The Raja Yoga Experience is great for students wanting to understand more about the philosophy of yoga and for teachers interested in techniques to provide additional components to their classes.

Expand Your Practice; Make it a Path

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The workshop was just what I needed to get back into yoga after a long hiatus. Stewart told stories and shared little gems of wisdom as he walked us through the basic breathing exercises and asanas. This fun approach to yoga kept me engaged and entertained as the two hours flew by.
-R. Garwood


Introduction to Meditation

The word meditation has become synonymous with immediate inner peace, however, the true benefits of meditation come from consistent practice. In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how meditation fits into the path of yoga
  • Practice 3 types of meditation – Transcendental, Guided, and Trataka (candle gazing) meditations
  • Develop the basis of a consistent practice to reap all the benefits of meditation

Take this opportunity to learn the basics of meditation in a group setting where collective energy will help guide you into joy and stillness of the practice.

I loved touching on all the different types of meditation! It was a perfect introduction class.
-T. Marlow

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Red Light Yoga

Somewhere between the physical body and our emotional self is a bridge of energy called the chakra system. Understanding the fundamentals of the seven main areas of the chakra system allows us to use the movements of the physical body to affect our emotions – and use our perspective and emotional state to assist our physical body.

As students, you learn to focus your current physical practice on the areas of yourself you want to grow and heal. As teachers, you learn to incorporate the energetic principles of the body into your classes.

Red Light Yoga can be taught in 8 sessions or a 2hr workshop integrating a physical practice based on moving energy through each area of the chakra system.

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Yoga for the athlete

Us athletes know one of the best ways to break a plateau is to cross-train. Us yogis know the secret to a successful practice lies in controlling the body and the mind.

The Yoga for athletes workshop guides through mental techniques that help yogis develop a stronger practice to the woman or man in training. The focus on the mechanics of breathing, mind and body control are discussed in a way that allows the athlete to apply the techniques to their sport of choice.

As a runner, adventure racer, and yoga instructor, Stu combines the world of yoga with the push for better athletic performance and teaches you three mind-tricks you can use in your training.

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Stu’s instructs or co-instructs all workshops. All instructors, including Stu, have completed, at minimum, a Yoga Alliance 200hr Certified Yoga Training.